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IA Artists

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Studio Time

  • Schedule time to record your music in our state-of-the-art facility in a safe space where you can feel your ideas are heard, respected, and turned into reality. 

  • You will retain all of the rights to everything recorded in the space.

Collaborate with other artists

  • Be connected to our extended network of artists, engineers and media managers so that you can begin to network with others in the industry, gain new insights, or launch your musical career.

Performance Venue

  • Take your music to the stage with our all-ages performance space where you can showcase new work to a vast network of other artists.

Access to masterclasses

  • Continue your learning through our free masterclasses where you can learn from industry professionals, expand your skill set.

Access to our on-site photography and video studio

  • Create all the promotional materials needed for marketing your music, creating your brand, and designing your merchandise at a professional level.

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