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Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire, connect and educate; to inspire through industry-standard recording, video, and photography technology; to connect through all ages events, concerts, and free programming; and to educate through one-on-one mentorships, group programs, free workshops, and masterclasses.


What We Offer


IA Artists

IA Artists will be able to record and produce music while retaining all rights. These artists would also have access to our on-site photography and video studio for creating all promotional materials needed for marketing their music, creating their brand, and designing their merchandise at a professional level.


IA Audio Engineers

IA Audio Engineers will have access to free classes in the areas of studio recording, mixing and mastering for music publishing, and live sound engineering. Opportunities will also be available where they can gain real-world, hands-on experience in the field and training that will prepare them for today’s modern audio-visual recording needs, such as podcasts, livestream, and video editing.


Both IA Artists and Engineers

Both IA Artists and Engineers will have access to our all-ages performance space where they can perform, connect with their fans, and have real-life experiences in the field of live sound. They can also attend workshops provided by industry professionals to properly evaluate the ins and outs of the industry in its current state.

Through these experiences, aspiring artists and recording engineers will be able to accumulate a portfolio of work that they can take with them as they pursue higher-education institutions or use for directly launching their careers in the industry.

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Image by Francesco Ungaro

Our Story

After serving over 5,000 music students and employing over 200 staff members during the past decade and a half, founder of Inspiration Audio, EJ Gaub had become increasingly aware of a growing problem that he can no longer turn a blind eye to. 

The music industry is a rapidly changing and evolving field in which higher education has had a hard time keeping up with. In addition, certain career paths inside the professional audio community are very difficult to break into if you are of the wrong ethnicity, gender, or socio-economic upbringing. 

Watching many of his former students return from their college experiences unable to find a job or having to watch many of my teachers struggle well into their thirties to support themselves, before ultimately having to find a new career path, has driven EJ and his team to form Inspiration Audio.


At Inspiration Audio we believe that many talented artists become confused, overwhelmed, and eventually give up when trying to figure out how to connect with other like-minded individuals, record their material, market themselves, or decide whether or not to attend expensive higher education audio engineering and music performance programs. When artists have a safe and creative space to perform, share their music, meet and collaborate with other creative types and have access and training on professional-grade recording equipment, it serves as a source of inspiration and positive reinforcement. This allows them the opportunity to pursue their goals as an independent artist and to make a more informed choice as to whether higher education in the fields of audio engineering and music performance is the right career path for them.


As an organization, our mission is to provide free recording services, an all-ages performance space, office spaces, audio engineering classes, podcast and livestreaming services, a complete photography and video studio because every artist deserves the chance to feel like a real-life rockstar.

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